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GLUTEN FREE: Enjoyment without discomfort

Every day more and more people are experiencing the fact that they are gluten sensitive. After ingesting food stuffs with high levels of egg white or gluten, it leads to chronicle inflammation of the mucous membranes of the small intestine. This is particularly true of wheat, followed by spelt, rye and barley. The organism signals that it doesn‘t agree with certain grains and the foods that are produced from them.


NEW: gluten free – products

Keimkraft invests lots of time into the research of innovative food additives. By doing this, a wide range of seeds and grains are on offer in the ‘‘classic“ version or in the ‘‘gluten free“ version.

Here is a choice of our gluten free products: corn, millet, lupin, pea, lentils, alfafa, linseed(flaxseed), buckwheat, quinoa, soya, chickpeas and fenugreek.

Partner for the production of gluten free foods

We are constantly enlarging our assortment of gluten free seeds and grains. We have our production on under 20ppm (lab controls per batch). Our products are perfect for people suffering from coeliac disease and gluten sensitive consumers. Please take the time to look into our current offers. Individual customer wishes are possible.


We would like to draw your attention to the batch number that is lab controlled. We feel obligated to producing a figure under 20ppm. Additionally we take care by continual validation of our products as well as evaluation by experts. Our own gluten free control system was successfully intergrated into the IFS system and is part of the certification.

You will find our gluten free grains under the products „sprouts“ with the reference to gluten free.