I am taking responsibility for precious food

The Keimkraft team, when it comes to innovative food, is centered around our managing director, Manfred Hirschhofer. He is the heart of the company and a competent partner when it comes to innovative food concepts.

“It is important to work with regional farmers and companies. This is something that is of particular importance to me.”

“Trustworthiness, reliablity and competence are the main criteria used when it comes to choosing for our suppliers and partners.”

Our Team

Alexandra Thiess
Alexandra Thiesssales & purchase
Roswitha Mitterhöfer
Roswitha Mitterhöferassistant sales & Purchase
Ing. Gerald Döller
Ing. Gerald Döllerproduction manager & quality management
Dipl. Ing. Evelyn Koch
Dipl. Ing. Evelyn Kochquality management & laboratory