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Mag. Nicole Seiler
Mag. Nicole SeilerExternal advisers

“Food is our main source of energy and can therefore not be cherished or appreciated enough. The quality and choice of our food is paramount for our health. In my consulations, I try to use scientific data and knowledge and make it suitable for everyday use.”

Mag. Alfred Schmölzer
Mag. Alfred Schmölzer Expert for nutritional sciences, SAICON Consulting

‘‘As the first engineer office for nutritional research in Austria, we are experts for nutritional research, hygiene and LM-technology. Our spectrum of tasks include: Auditor IFS, ISO-quality Austria network partners, implementation of IFS, BRC, HACCP, ISO, GMP with Praxis-Kick, certification preparation, internal auditing, HACCP-evaluation, optimisation of production concepts, crisis prevention, support during incidents, technological developement and implementation, consumer orientated product developement and product optimization, stratergy developement, orientation of marketing concepts, dietary seal for exceptional foods, functional foods and LM – rights: help with nutritional issues and problems“

Mag. Michael Kasper
Mag. Michael KasperLawyer (General Food Law), wsmk Laweyers

My consulation spectrum covers ‘‘normal‘‘ food, continues to novel foods and concludes with diabetic foods. I also consult on a wide range of subjects, such as advertisements with foods, setting up of trademarks and product identification. The focus of the consultation is in the enforcement as well as in the defense of claims. The civil liability, especially with regard to competition law and also with the representation in administrative penalty and criminal proceedings due to alleged transgressions in food law regulations against managegment and commissaries.